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Integrative Approaches for ADHD| Ryan Sheridan, NP

Treatments that go beyond the surface for
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Integrative psychiatry for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is about harnessing your power.

We'll work to reduce symptoms by addressing root causes while leaving room for what makes you unique.  


The Proactive Approach®

Holistic Interventions

ADHD can be managed with more than just medication.  While medication can be highly effective, medication-only treatments often leave us feeling stuck and beholden to the pill.  With a holistic mental health approach we incorporate nutrition, exercise, supplementation and more to effectively manage symptoms. 


& Biological Testing

There are several import genetic markers that can help guide ADHD treatment.  Also, things like nutritional deficits impacting ADHD can be treated effectively if we spot them.  Understanding the biological components helps effectively target treatment to reduce side effects and increase long-term success. 

& Coaching Support

Talk therapy and coaching includes behavioral modification, coping skills, and the development of healthy habits.  These are foundational pieces of ADHD treatment and management that lead to increased productivity and optimized wellness. 


Simple Treatment Plans

A pill-only treatment plan might sound straightforward at first, but over time medications become less effective.  Together we will create a simple treatment plans for ADHD which will include well-rounded options that will empower growth, embrace creativity, and foster self-reliance.

Book a free 15-minute intro

Patients looking for ADHD treatment in the Washington DC area are offered a free 15-minute introductory appointment.  During the appointment you can ask questions, get to know Ryan, and find out if this approach is for you. 

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