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Integrative Psychiatric Treatment Approaches for LGBT Patients | Ryan Sheridan, NP

Holistic Treatments that go beyond the surface for
LGBT Patients

Integrative psychiatry for LGBT Patients means treating you as a whole person. 

In the context of what makes you unique, we'll uncover root causes and work to find a solution tailored to you.

The Proactive Approach®

Holistic Interventions

Holistic treatment empowers highly individualized care.  For LGBT patients, embracing what makes you unique is a standard piece of our treatment offering. 


& Biological Testing

Whatever the struggle, understanding the genetic and biological components increases our chances of success.  LGBT patients often have more complex situations given the live trauma - the more reason to investigate and identify roots causes.  

& Coaching Support

As a part of the LGBT family, I know how important it is to have a support system that understands you.  Consider me as a part of your support system.  Through talk therapy and coaching we will work to address whatever challenges you're facing and empower you as a person.


Simple Treatment Plans

No matter the condition, implementing simple and effective treatment plans should always be the goal.  We will find solutions that celebrate your and foster healthy changes.

Book a free 15-minute intro

Patients searching for LGBT friendly integrative psychiatry in the Washington DC area are offered a free 15-minute introductory appointment.  During the appointment you can ask questions, get to know Ryan, and find out if this approach is for you. 

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