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My promise


Let’s try this: if you’re disappointed with the results of traditional psychiatry,

give my approach a chance.


Dear Rockstar,


All psychiatry services are not equal. 


I believe in my approach so strongly that I guarantee you will get better.*


What does that mean?  How can I promise this?


Let’s start by what can psychiatry do – and what can I promise?  Psychiatry provides a framework for healing, but is not a healer.  I am not a healer. 


So psychiatry give us tool to succeed but ultimately the success lies within you


When I say “I can treat your depression, ADHD,  or other diagnosis” what I really mean is I can help you better yourself. 


You will get the the tools to succeed, which may include medication, coping mechanisms, and so forth.  But will you actually use the tools?  If we agree on a game plan to actually improve your life, will you follow through and execute the plan?


“But, Ryan, I am so depressed I cannot get out of bed!”  I hear you.  What you feel is real.  We will work together to incrementally improve.  I don’t have a magic wand to wave and make you better.  However, I do have evidence-based interventions that work.


Let’s recognize the elephant in the room: this is expensive, but it’s well worth it.  Please hear me when I say, simply spending the money and showing up to the appointment is only a small percent of the effort required.


If you’re still unsure, book a free intro with me.  I’d love to chat with you!


I am ready when you are


 - Ryan






*Results cannot be guaranteed without adherence to the agree upon plan which may include medication, therapy, supplements, and more.

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