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Your Personalized Health Insights Await!

Option 1: Personalized Medication Analysis


For those navigating the complexities of medication management, my Personalized Medication Analysis provides an overview tailored to you. This service is designed to give you insights on how integrative psychiatry may be able to optimize your wellness. 


Click here to request a FREE Personalized Integrative Medication Analysis


Option 2: Holistic Supplement Guide


If you're not currently taking medications or aren't ready to share, that's totally okay! My Holistic Supplement Guide helps summarize some of the supplements I recommend that can improve mental health. I even include links for Amazon!


Click here to download my FREE Holistic Mental Health Supplement Guide

Washington DC Holistic Psychiatry - Ryan

Cutting-edge, personalized care is my specialty! 


​My practice is patient-centered, meaning every treatment​ plan is collaborative. 

Medication is only a piece of the puzzle - we'll talk about the Pillars of Wellness and help you optimize your life from the ground up.

We're in this together!

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