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Integrative Psychiatry Services

Holistic Interventions

I believe medication is only

part of the solution.  

  • Integrative Medication Management

+ holistic approach to medication with thoughtful prescribing 

  • Coaching

+ addressing lifestyle factors to enhance wellness

  • Supplementation 

+ treating underlying deficiencies using evidence-based solutions 

  • Psychedelics 

+ harnessing the power of psychedelic treatments to use as a spring forward

  • Psychotherapy 

+ Acceptance & Commitment Therapy 

  • Nutritional Psychiatry 

+ analyzing and building brain-healthy nutrition plans that fosters brain and mental health

  • Exercise Psychiatry 

+ exploiting the intersection of physical activity and mind/body health 

  • Comprehensive Testings

+ going beyond the surface to understand unique biological and genetic factors 

What I Treat, Using Integrative Psychiatry

Treatment for ADHD for adolescents and adults. 

Understanding burnout from an holistic treatment perspective. 

Treatment for Depression using integrative psychiatry.

Managing bipolar spectrum disorder with integrative psychiatry.

Utilizing integrative psychiatry to manage anxiety disorders. 

Sleep Disturbances

Holistic treatment for sleep disorders including insomnia. 

Managing body dysmorphia and body image struggles. 

Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome with integrative psychiatry.

Learning to manage emotions with a holistic approach to mental health. 

If you don't see a specific condition, reach out and we can discuss if working together is a good fit

What does integrative psychiatry mean?

It all begins with you.

Where traditional psychiatry alone is bland, integrative and functional psychiatry is rich and colorful.  It is a powerful combination of the best practices that science has to offer. 

The exact formula we'll create together will depend on what makes you unique, including your genetics, history, lifestyle, and everything in between.  


With an integrative approach, we do not use a one-size-fits-all prescription or treatment plan.

We’ll explore root causes.  Together we can come up with short-term and long-term solutions.  After reviewing all available options, together we'll select a path based on what is important to you. 

my expertise

+ your goals 

 = success

Are you a psychiatrist?

I am a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner!  My role is similar to that of a psychiatrist. Like psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners can prescribe medication, provide therapy and coaching, conduct evaluations, and more.  To be clear, just as a psychiatrist for ADHD may prescribe controlled substances, so can I.  

How are you different from a psychiatrist?

In many ways my role very similar to that of a psychiatrist.  Psychiatric nurse practitioners are nurses first, that then go on to receive additional education and training .  As nurses, our approach to care tends to be more holistic. We have the bedside experience that helps us connect with patients as people!

Are you board-certified in psychiatry?

Yes! Just like a psychiatrist, I am board-certified in psychiatry.  My certification is through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).  I am certified to treat psychiatric patients across the lifespan.

Improvement can start today. 

At Proactive Psychiatry®, my patient philosophy revolves around a holistic approach, addressing the entirety of an individual – mind, body, and spirit.  I firmly believe that employing a thoughtful combination of psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and alternative treatments, including meditation, physical activity, yoga, and more, can be transformative changes in the lives of individuals grappling with various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, body image struggles, burnout, and other mental health challenges and life issues.

As a psychiatric nurse practitioner-owned online psychiatry practice, I am proud to offer the the best psychiatric care in Washington, DC and to serve all parts of Washington DC, including Dupont Circle, Navy Yard, Downtown Washington DC, Shaw, Logan Circle, Georgetown, Woodley Park, Friendship Heights, Adams Morgan, and more.


Additionally, I am licensed to and proud to serve patients in Maryland (including Bethesda and Montgomery County).

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