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How It Works & Pricing

If you're here, you're probably pretty close to making an appointment.  Before you do, here are a few things to keep in mind about my practice and how I am radically different.  

My fees allow me to provide an unparalleled service with dedicated attention and longer appointment times.  I am here to help you evolve, excel, and grow.  We'll work together to reduce your symptoms, increase your output, and achieve your goals.  

First, what can you afford?

(Skip this part if you believe your wellness is worth every penny)

If you believe:

+ You can afford a $6 coffee each morning.

+ You can afford $200 a week for food and drinks out.

+ You can afford $60 a month for streaming and subscriptions. 


+ You cannot afford to make time for your health.

+ You cannot afford to exercise or pay for a gym.

+ You cannot afford a therapist. 


We need to talk about opportunity cost.  Opportunity cost is the forgone profit from a missed opportunity.  Our happiness and wellness is our profit.


Is a daily $6 latte worth wellness?  When we think about what we can afford, perspective is important.  

For you, how much is health and wellness worth?  Does change come without sacrifice?  Where we spend our time and money says a lot about what we value. 

Being unhealthy has a cost. 

Prioritizing your wellness saves a great deal in the long run.

+ I do not accept insurance
but I can help you get reimbursed!

With Reimbursify I can: 

  • Submit the claim to your insurance on your behalf*

  • Verify your out-of-network insurance eligibility* 

  • Provide a superbill to submit to your insurance*

A sliding scale is not published, but I happily will review your situation to determine if any discount can be provided. 

*Reimbursement cannot be guaranteed, including reimbursement amounts. 

Appointments are typically virtual, but we can meet in person too.  

Seeds being planted

Initial Evaluation

$ 700

In this 75 minute appointment we will cover a lot of ground.  I'll get to know you. Together we'll come up with a plan.  Before your appointment you will complete intake paperwork, questionnaires, and applicable screening tools.  My goal is to come prepared with action items on day one.  After this appointment you can expect to leave feeling empowered with tasks in-hand to complete prior to our follow up appointments. 

Plant growing

Follow up Appointments
$ 249-349

Follow up appointments  are either 20 or 45 minutes.  During this time we will discuss our plan, make adjustments as needed, and continue our progress to your goals.  You'll come prepared with action items completed and ready to engage collaboratively.  We will go over what is working, what isn't, and where we're headed next.  Additional screenings, labs, or testing services may be necessary.  Depending on our goals, our follow up appointments may include therapy, med management, nutritional counseling, coaching, exercise planning and more.  

Sometimes testing can help us guide treatment.  I utilize testing services including genetic and lab testing to help guide our treatment plans.  Some testing services are covered by insurance. We will review any tests as part of your appointment.  Additional services may also include consultation with other providers, letters for employers, and complex prior authorizations. 

Additional Testing
 $ (pricing varies)

Sticker Shock?

I get it!  - Remember the value we talked about earlier!

My model of practice enables a highly personalized approach that is truly unique to the field.  Top notch care is what you can expect!

Now, let's talk about value...

Service Costs

The average cost per each individual for each of these services quickly adds up!  

With Proactive Psychiatry,

all of these services are included!

Traditional vs Proactive Psychiatry
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