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Walk & Talk Integrative Psychiatry in Washington, DC

Walk & Talk
Outdoor Integrative Psychiatry in DC

In-person walking appointments for medication management, therapy, coaching, and more. 

one step at a time. 

Walk and talk therapy, offers a unique approach to mental health support.  Here are some benefits associated with this form of therapy:

  1. Physical Activity: Engaging in walking during therapy sessions adds a physical component to the treatment, and because physical activity is an essential factor in our wellness, why not?

  2. Dynamic Environment: Being outdoors for a stroll can have a calming and grounding effect, reducing stress and anxiety levels. This setting can enhance the therapeutic experience.

  3. Fresh Perspective: Moving outside the traditional office setting can encourage a fresh perspective and foster creativity. It may provide a different lens through which to explore and discuss thoughts and emotions.

  4. Increased Comfort: Staring at each other for close to an hour can be awkward for some folks.  Some individuals find the outdoor setting less intimidating than an office, leading to increased comfort and openness during therapy discussions.

  5. Stress Reduction: Exposure to the outdoors, fresh air, and nature has been linked to stress reduction and improved mood.  Walk and Talk therapy takes advantage of these benefits, contributing to a more relaxed and positive therapeutic experience.

  6. Enhanced Focus: Movement during therapy sessions can enhance cognitive function and focus. This dynamic approach may be particularly beneficial for individuals who find it challenging to sit still for extended periods.

  7. Connection: The informal and active nature of walk and talk therapy can foster a sense of partnership between the provider and the individual, potentially strengthening the therapeutic alliance.

Walk & Talk appointments are available as 50 minute appointments at no additional charge.  

Seasons and weather may be a factor, but if you're interested, please feel reach out to learn more.

What I Treat, Using Integrative Psychiatry

Treatment for ADHD for adolescents and adults. 

Understanding burnout from an holistic treatment perspective. 

Treatment for Depression using integrative psychiatry.

Managing bipolar spectrum disorder with integrative psychiatry.

Utilizing integrative psychiatry to manage anxiety disorders. 

Sleep Disturbances

Holistic treatment for sleep disorders including insomnia. 

Managing body dysmorphia and body image struggles. 

Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome with integrative psychiatry.

Learning to manage emotions with a holistic approach to mental health. 

If you don't see a specific condition, reach out and we can discuss if working together is a good fit

Two Convenient Locations in DC for Integrative Psychiatry with Walk & Talk Appointments 

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