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Holistic & Integrative Psychiatry with
The Proactive Approach℠

TL;DR: The Proactive Approach℠ is not for everyone.  Change is hard work and doesn't happen over night.  Don't expect magic.  You will be provided the tools and the framework for you to optimize your life. 


I believe wellness is the result of what we do and how we do it.  Our health is influenced by the choices we make and actions we take.


My method will examine your life on a fundamental level and push you outside of your comfort zone.  Change and comfort are not friends. 

Root Causes of Unwellness

Cause: Improper integration of the pillars of wellness (see below)

> Solution: Reconnect with the pillars through a meaningful evaluation and a thoughtful rebalancing 

Cause: Environmental factors 

> Solution: Assess our surroundings to determine what actionable steps we can take to improve our environmental

Cause:  A. Perceptional and/or relational factors 

 B. Overwhelming societal constructs (I call this the "square peg in a round hole" problem)

> Solution: Critically reconsider how we respond to and interpret the world around us

Cause: Biological and/or chemical factors 

> Solution: Analyze our baseline to determine standard deviation - address with medication where appropriate 

Medication Use in Integrative Psychiatry

I believe medication should considered a supportive tool, not the solution - anyone who tells you otherwise is selling snake oil and cutting short your ability.

Medication is like a calculator... ask me more about this!

Holistic Pillars of Wellness & Health

Based on the principles of integrative psychiatry

I. Nutrition.

The fuel we put into our bodies impacts our capacity to maximize our cognitive function, physical existence, and longevity. 

II. Movement.

Our bodies are made to move in order to survive - without adequate movement and connection with the world around us we are rejecting an evolutionary truth of our existence. 

III. Recovery.

The extent to which we recharge determines to our ability to thrive, physically and emotionally.  

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