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Integrative Psychiatrist in the Washington, DC Area


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner




purposefully causing change by taking action;

creating or controlling a situation

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I am an out-of-network provider

Washington DC Integrative Psychiatry - Ryan Sheridan Nurse Practitioner

Take control of your wellness,

improve your relationships,
optimize your life..

I help individuals enhance their mental health.  My approach is based on the premise that nutrition, physical activity, and how we recover are foundational to our well-being.  We will optimize your life  with thoughtful prescriptions, psychotherapy, nutritional and supplement counseling, and prescriptive exercise .

...You can with my Proactive Approach℠   

Optimizing and improving your mental health is a process that involves the whole body.

Reject the traditional. Integrative psychiatry is more than medication and seeks to upend the status quo, not just solve the problem up with a pill. Integrative psychiatry is holistic and demands a reevaluation of our approach to wellness and health. 

Plant with roots
I'm different

Strive to be different.


+ My mindset: improvement is possible

Collaboration means you + me  

+ Wellness is a result of what we do


+ Empowering you = success

I am a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC).  
Whoa, that's a mouthful!

My role is similar to a psychiatrist: I can prescribe medication and provide therapy.  Like a psychiatrist, I am specifically trained in the field of psychiatry!

Washington DC Holistic Psychiatry Practice - Ryan Sheridan Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

you can

create success.

Patient Review

"Thanks for pushing me in the right direction.  I have liked your approach, feels like it digs deep, and casts a wide net. Definitely very different from my last psychiatrist. It is refreshing to see someone try things from a holistic perspective."

As your psychiatric provider I will:

Be Accessible

You will have a multiple direct means to contact me - no exchanges or reception.  Scheduling, account details, and billing will all be at your fingertips.

Empower You

You are the driver of your care.  I'll share my knowledge - ultimately we will make the decisions together

based on your goals.

Build a Relationship

Remember, you will not just be be a number.  I am going to work to know you as a person - to me you will never be a condition or a diagnosis.  

My Promise:
I believe in my approach so strongly that I guarantee you will see results.* 

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Develop a culture of self-improvement. Become your best.

Are you a psychiatrist?

I am a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner!  My role is similar to that of a psychiatrist. Like psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners can prescribe medication (including controlled substances), provide therapy and coaching, conduct evaluations, and more.

How are you different from a psychiatrist?

In many ways my role very similar to that of a psychiatrist.  Psychiatric nurse practitioners are nurses first, that then go on to receive additional education and training .  As nurses, our approach to care tends to be more holistic. We have the bedside experience that helps us connect with patients as people!

Are you board-certified in psychiatry?

Yes! Just like a psychiatrist, I am board-certified in psychiatry.  My certification is through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).  I am certified to treat psychiatric patients across the lifespan.

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