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Integrative Approaches for Anxiety | Ryan Sheridan, NP

Treatments that go beyond the surface for

Integrative psychiatry for anxiety is more than medications to blunt your nerves.

Instead of masking symptoms, we will work to uncover potential root causes so that we can find long-term solutions.


The Proactive Approach®

Holistic Interventions

With anxietyholistic psychiatry treatments means selecting choices that are tailored to your individual needs based on you as a whole person.  This might include nutrition and exercise counseling, supplementation, and stress-reduction planning. 


& Biological Testing

The internal processes of our bodies can significantly impact how we manage anxiety as well as our disposition to anxiety.  By taking a look under the surface with lab work and genetic screening, we are better equipped to choose treatment options that work. 

& Coaching Support

Learning to effectively cope in times of stress or anxiety is liberating.  We will work to construct new ways of thinking, positive coping mechanisms, and meaning behavioral changes that propel progress in lasting ways. 


Simple Treatment Plans

Simplification is key to managing potentially complex situations.  With anxiety, adding fuel to the fire doesn't help much.  Together we will work to keep out treatment plan simple, yet effective so that you can focus on healing.  

Book a free 15-minute intro

Patients looking for anxiety treatment in the Washington DC area are offered a free 15-minute introductory appointment.  During the appointment you can ask questions, get to know Ryan, and find out if this approach is for you. 

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