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Integrative Psychiatric Treatment Approaches including Psychedelics | Ryan Sheridan, NP

Holistic Treatments that go beyond the surface:

Integrative psychiatry means providing you options, including psychedelics.

We will explore treatment options beyond the conventional to help you thrive.  

The Proactive Approach®

Holistic Interventions

At the core of our holistic treatment approach is the provision of personalized care that empowers individuals. We recognize and embrace the use of psychedelics for patient. 


& Biological Testing

Investigating and identifying the genetic and biological components can increase our chances of success, regardless of the struggle we face.  Along with any psychedelic use, we will explore underlying root causes.  

& Coaching Support

Therapy and coaching are integral parts of treatment, especially when psychedelics are used.  Together, we will be a team with a common objective of improvement based on your needs, wishes, values, and goals.  


Simple Treatment Plans

The objective should always be to implement uncomplicated and efficient treatment plans, including with psychedelics.  Our aim is to find solutions that promote healthy changes in the context of your unique circumstances.

Book a free 15-minute intro

Patients searching for  psychedelics and integrative psychiatry in the Washington DC area are offered a free 15-minute introductory appointment.  During the appointment you can ask questions, get to know Ryan, and find out if this approach is for you. 

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