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Finding ADHD treatment in Washington DC

ADHD Psychiatrist Near Me in Washington DC


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Get meaningful, actionable help for ADHD, and more in the Washington DC area.

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Ryan Sheridan, NP | Integrative Psychiatry

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Washington DC Integrative Psychiatry - R

ADHD Management
The Proactive Approach℠ 

Holistic Interventions

ADHD can be managed with more than just medication.  While medication can be highly effective, medication-only treatments often leave us feeling stuck and beholden to the pill.  With a holistic mental health approach we incorporate nutrition, exercise, supplementation and more to effectively optimize wellness. 


& Biological Testing

There are several import genetic markers that can help guide ADHD treatment.  Nutritional deficits can impact ADHD and can be addressed effectively... if we spot them.


Understanding the biological components helps effectively reduce side effects and increase long-term success. 

& Coaching Support

Talk therapy and coaching includes behavioral modification, coping skills, and the development of healthy habits.  These are foundational pieces of ADHD treatment that lead to increased productivity and optimized wellness. 


Simple Treatment Plans

A pill-only treatment plan might sound straightforward at first, but over time medications become less effective.  Together we will create a simple treatment plans for ADHD. This will include well-rounded options that will empower growth, embrace creativity, and foster self-reliance.

Integrative Psychiatry

Experience my dedicated integrative psychiatry services tailored to address a range of mental health conditions and life issues. My focus includes the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Burnout, and various other common challenges. 

Holistic Therapy

Effective therapy is a transformative journey that enables us to gain insights into our identity, comprehend the motivations behind our actions, and empowers us to make positive changes in behavior. It serves as a guide toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

Online Coaching

Personal coaching, often the secret weapon of successful individuals, has a proven track record in helping you clarify your values, uncover genuine desires, establish and achieve significant goals, and ultimately transform your life.

What I Treat

Explore the links below for valuable information on the conditions I address.

Treatment for ADHD for adolescents and adults. 

Understanding burnout from an holistic treatment perspective. 

Treatment for Depression using integrative psychiatry.

Improvement can start today. 

At Proactive Psychiatry®, my patient philosophy revolves around a holistic approach, addressing the entirety of an individual – mind, body, and spirit.  I firmly believe that employing a thoughtful combination of psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and alternative treatments, including meditation, physical activity, yoga, and more, can be transformative changes in the lives of individuals grappling with various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, body image struggles, burnout, and other mental health challenges and life issues.

As a psychiatric nurse practitioner-owned online psychiatry practice, I am proud to offer the the best psychiatric care in Washington, DC and to serve all parts of Washington DC, including Dupont Circle, Navy YardDowntown Washington DC, Shaw, Logan Circle, Georgetown, Woodley Park, Friendship Heights, Near Me in Washington DC, Glover Park, Palisades, Tenleytown, Cleveland Park, Foxhall, 14th Street DC, Adams Morgan, and more. 


Additionally, I am licensed to and proud to serve patients in Maryland (including Bethesda and Montgomery County). 

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